How to make Your Motivation Letter, Statement of Purpose & Letter of Recommendations Unique

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The education system has transformed to a great extent with the inclusion of new ways of teaching and advanced technology. Similarly, the admission conduction has transformed with the inclusion of new criteria for selecting the deserving candidates.

Documents like Motivation letter, Statement of Purpose & Letter of Recommendations are stated as essential for getting yourself enrolled in any top university around the world. This makes the importance of these documents an obvious factor for securing a top university seat.

What is a Statement of Purpose(SOP) or Motivation Letter?

A Statement of Purpose is the composition of the purpose of applying to a particular course in any university. It contains your motto behind securing an admission which means it describes the real intentions you possess for achieving a seat in any university.

It includes a mixture of your personal details, your future endeavors, the intention behind securing an admission, etc. A conventional SOP should be written in around 800 to 1000 words while neglecting the use of colorful text or photos.

It is advised to keep your SOP in a particular or mentioned word count and also prioritize the use of unalike SOP for all applications. Do not mention your personal details and family concerns in SOP and also prevent writing any language test scores.

A summary should be written after concluding your SOP which comprises the key points of SOP.


What is a Letter of Recommendation(LOR)

A letter of recommendation is a statement that is written down as a letter by an individual recommending a person’s academic performance and work abilities. It is redirected to a hiring responsible individual who is responsible for determining the final selection.

A letter of recommendation is nothing but a letter describing an individual’s achievements and abilities for particular employment or education. Most of the time, these LOR’s are written by past employers teachers, professors, etc.

A discussion is constructed for evaluating the final selection of a deserving candidate for a specific position, course, or graduation. An effective letter of recommendation should include,

1.) Past participation
2.) Skills
3.) Extra-curricular activities achievements
4.) Work responsibilities, etc.

You just have to elaborate on the achievements and skills that your learned and accomplished. Letter of recommendation is a crucial part of your application which plays a vital role in finalizing your selection.

The top university and firms look for candidates with brilliant academic and extra-curricular records. So, you need to take your letter of recommendation as a serious priority while applying for admissions or internships.

Is there any difference between a Statement of Purpose(SOP) and a Motivation Letter?

There is no such big difference between a Statement of purpose(SOP) and a motivation letter, besides both of them exhibit the same information.

They just differ in value given to the personal elements. The prominent difference between both of them is the longevity of the letter and real intention.

The motivation letter includes personal elements that focus on future endeavors, whereas the statement of purpose refers to the personal records of the past.

What is your purpose behind writing LOR, SOP, and Motivation letters?

How to make Your Motivation Letter, Statement of Purpose & Letter of Recommendations Unique?

You should evaluate and analyze the Motivation Letter, Statement of Purpose & Letter of Recommendations written by professionals and experts before starting yours. This’ll prevent any future mistakes from your side.

These letters are so important because of their mandatory requirement set by some of the top universities and companies. So, you need to keep your SOP, LOR, or Motivation letter in an effective format and required quality status.

Many of the applications are rejected due to the abortive motivation letters, futile LOR, and SOP. Maintaining the boldness and indigenous nature of your letters is very vital for displaying a professional image of yourself.

Six best ways that you can use to make your Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, and Motivation letter unique:

1.) Mention your original data:

Do not try to copy others while writing your LOR, SOP, or Motivation letter. Remember one thing, that none would spare a copied letter which will result in unwanted selection results.

Just keep alive the authenticity of your documents to display your positive attitude towards the selection process. This will display your content as a unique one which will produce your good image in front of hiring officials.

2.) Follow a particular format:

Don’t mingle the format while writing any of your letters including LOR, SOP, or Motivation letter. Follow an effective format that should have a positive evaluation at the time of the selection process.

Most of the top universities and companies reject the applications of numerous candidates. So, it is recommended to follow a productive and intelligible format while writing your LOR, SOP, and Motivation Letter.

3.) Be precise

Mention your qualifications, achievements, winning, etc., in a proper and precise manner. Don’t muddle your LOR, SOP, or Motivation letter with undesirable things. Just focus on quality deliverance with a stable accuracy level. Write your every achievement in yearly series to create a positive impact among the hiring officials.

4.) Avoid plagiarism

You should have your own thoughts, qualification details, achievements written in your LOR, SOP, and Motivation letter. Reproducing the content of someone else can push your selection downwards. Just avoid plagiarism and publish considerable content.

Nowadays, universities are investing in plagiarism detectors that hold the ability to discover any copied and unhealthy content. Thus, this will make conclude in the rejection of your application. For preventing this you just have to produce content out of your own mind.

5.) Grammar and Punctuation mistakes

Grammatical mistakes can display you as a non-deserving candidate which may prove in later rejection. Just make sure that whatever you are writing is of proper grammatical analysis.

For making your content unique, avoiding grammatical mistakes and presenting proper punctuation uses can also help.

6.) Conduct Proofreading

Proofreading becomes essential when the content is of high-value factor. Your letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, and motivation letter are highly crucial documents for securing admissions or internships.

Just make sure that you conducting proofreading or you can hire any service for that purpose. Proofreading extricates any errors in the content which automates in its unique factor.

With the help of these Six best and effective ways that you can use to make your Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, and Motivation letter unique.

Just make sure that you are not ignoring the guidelines set by particular universities for LOR, SOP, and Motivation letters. Remember the word limit and avoid exceeding it. Keep in mind little small things while writing these valuable letters which can decide your selection.

Show your interest in any program which you want to get enrolled in and describe your potential as per its requirement.

This will create a positive impact on the hirer’s mind. Focus on quality deliverance and avoid plagiarism to make sure you are demonstrating professionalism and a keen interest in getting selected.

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