How can we find our own Differentiator or our own USP?

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The importance of USPs or differentiator has increased in recent years due to the high availability of extreme competition in the market.

The USP is the unique feature or characteristic of a particular product that displays its authenticity and singularity among other products available in the market.

For a student, his/her qualifications, achievements, grades, etc, can work as a USP which displays their unique abilities among other candidature.

USPs have initiated the progress graph of many products that have been introduced recently in the market due to unique features.

If you lack USP, you must be aware of the struggle to survive your product in the market. Likewise, if you don’t possess an effective USP as a student or a working professional then your selection analytics are on the wrong path.

It’s not always easy for a company to find USPs but once establishes, other competitors rush towards producing their own by imitating.

Human beings have to face similar factors when it comes to selection and competitive evaluation.

What do you mean by a USP?

USP is a Unique Selling point(USP), also known as a Unique Selling Proposition, which is the crux of the uniqueness of a specific product or any individual.

This proposition helps a working professional and a student in establishing a finer image among all other individuals.

Basically, USP can be stated as an advantage that allows you to make your profile look more authentic and effective.

An example of a USP like chocolate, company advertises about its specialty of high availability of protein and energy components that vary it from other influential products.

Why is USP important for students and working professionals?

USP is a Unique Selling Point or Proposition of a specific product that makes it widely popular and favored by other competitors available in the market.

For an all-new established website, developing a USP for designated and quality products for making them captivate their specialty-based market competition.

If a student is preparing for some competitive exams but lacks a USP which differentiates his/her attainment and accomplishments.

A USP is a list of standard classifications used by a company or a brand for making its products and service unique for easy understanding. It can be used by students and working professionals too by adjusting their CVs and adding USP to their profile.

An effective and quality USP presents highly valuable abilities of a specific person in accomplishing a particular task execution.

What role is played by a USP in selection and admission?

A USP is a set of specialties that you possess which will initiate your selection evaluation. Your USP will be examined by the hiring authorities and selection panel before evaluating the final results.

The uniqueness of a USP is the display of the strong capability of an individual to exhibit his/her distinctive abilities and qualities in performing or matriculating a specific course or work.

Without an effective USP, it becomes very difficult for hiring officials to discover the positive and required potentials in any individual.

So, it becomes a quite supreme and mandatory requirement to make your CV and profile stand out throughout the selection procedure.

In simple terms, a USP is a set of special features that a student or any other working professional incorporates as his/her strength for capitalizing on other competitors.

An opinionated and deliberate USP helps focus the selection strategy that also helps in determining the other evaluations and requirements for attaining the selection or admission.

From a selection perspective, USPs help an individual to stimulate their achievements and qualifications for selection and admissions purposes, also for leaving a strong impact on hirers’ minds along with some unique features that differentiate it from other competitors.

Now, after the comprehension and cognizance of USP, the following are the ways of How can we find our own Differentiator or our own USP?

  • Identify the competition

    Know your competition, it’s very vital for securing a distinctive exhibit of your qualifications and achivements in the market as well as for establishing an effective USPs. By identifying the competition, you can generate unique USPs of your own possibility.

  • Well-research the market

    For a unique differentiator or a USP, researching and analysing the requirements of the hiring firm or university to a requisite level is an important essential. You need to research the selection algorithm and working by researching the offline and online platforms.

    By doing this, you’ll gain some idea of how to develop an unique differentiator or a USP for yourself.

  • Compare the unique factors of your USP against the hirer’s requirements

    For an effective differentiator or USP, it is very vital for you to juxtapose the unique components of your profile with the hirer’s want. This’ll definitely help you in building an unique differentiator or USP for your product.

  • Assemble the data and collate

    Compile all the data that you’ve collected in a proper set out so that you can pick out the most effective data for establishing an unique differentiator or a USP. A proper research will only help you in creating an unique USP for yourself.

  • Examine the effective ways to use the data

    You have to make sure the proper and viable use of the data collected as you never know when any other competitor can carry out their own USP in a more effective display than yours.

    You can use the data in more effectual and functional ways for utilising the best use of it.

A USP or a differentiator is a brief summary of your pre-selection process strategy. It provides you with a smart way of making your profile look more effective and professional by making it look more distinctive and solitary.

Besides having the marketing advantage, a USP has promoted its use in job interviews and university admissions by advertising the uniqueness of a specific individual.

With its ultimate ability to combine the qualities of an individual and hirer’s requirement, a USP is the only definite and effective of displaying your unique potential.

Why you should preserve your USP?

What is the need of defending or preserving your USP? The need is simple, once renowned and famous individuals design their profile than many other people preparing for the same status deliberately copy to make their own.

The competitors try to neutralize its features in their own USP. For preventing this hardship you have to make sure that the hirers are aware of your USP or your product’s qualitative features or you can just make your USP visible through your social media or any other profile.

You should invest in making your USP more secure and in one authority control.

Articulating your unique capabilities and qualities is a very vital requirement to receive a positive selection result. If you offer the selection panel and hirers with the components of their own requirement then it’ll prove in increased popularity and your selection.

What are the best examples of a USP?

If we compare today’s scenario with the past ten to twenty years then we can find the increasing supremacy and importance of USP.

It is stated as a dominant factor of whether you stand out or blend in with the other products.

As a buyer if you are visiting a supermarket for purchasing toothpaste and if you find yourself with multiples choices due to the high availability of different brands.

Each brand promotes its product with distinctive and qualitative features and tries to make them consumer-friendly.

With quality production, an effective USP is also required for making your product highly promising and commanding.

With the help of these four USP examples, you can figure out the required measures and strategies you can use while developing your own USP as a student applying for admissions or a working professional preparing for job interviews.

Following are the four best examples of a USP

. Dollar Shave Club

They developed an ordinary product that offered an unordinary experience. The Dollar Shave Club provides a highly effective and quality personalized experience by delivering its product at your door.

2. HelloFresh

Declaring its bold statement of being the “America’s Most Popular Meal Kit”, HelloFresh has promoted itself with a clear and straight unique selling proposition.

3. Lemonade

Lemonade is an insurance company that charges a flat fee, pays your claims instantly, includes low prices, and also donates its leftover funds to the NGOs. They own a pretty clear USP that includes their saying “forget everything you know about insurance”.

4. Drizly

Drizly offers its customer 60 minutes delivery of drinks at your doorstep. Though now many other companies have initiated their interest in this business kind Drizly has maintained and promoted its 1-hour delivery and making it their unique USP.

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