25 ways to build your Digital Footprint for universities & companies | Best Strategies to build your profile

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A Digital footprint is just like an auditor which stores the traces of your online activities. It includes all your online history including your comments, posts, likes, online purchases, etc. In simple words, a digital footprint is a database that includes all your online history.

It is commonly stated as the data that is left over after your internet surfing. Whenever you are surfing on the internet, a digital chain is formed that collects all the information from various sources that you had visited.

There are two types of digital footprint includes two types:

(A.) Passive Digital Footprint This type of Digital footprint is build through an Automated process. For example, information like your recent login or IP address is stored in the Passive Digital footprint.

The information collected by websites about your no. of visits automatically adds up to your digital footprint passively. This information is collected with the assistance of your IP address.

Following are the examples of Passive Digital Footprint:

1. The cookies are installed by websites without your prior knowledge.
2. Geolocation factor used by several apps and websites for procuring your location.

(B.) Active Digital Footprint– This type of Digital footprint is created on purpose by the user, like sharing posts on social media, comments on posts and videos, etc. It includes the deliberate activities performed by the user with prior knowledge.

Following are the examples of Active Digital Footprint:

1. The customary examples of Active Digital Footprint are posting on Social media platforms and websites.
2. Forms filled by the user while surfing for receiving emails.

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A positive digital footprint increases your selection estimate.

How to have a positive digital footprint?

Having a positive digital footprint is just like possessing an ethical social image. A positive digital footprint displays your digital identity that is accessible to other people on social media.

For example, there are several digital platforms in the market like LinkedIn, Internshala, etc., where you can create your digital identity to market your professional services. Nowadays, it’s has become a trend of establishing yourself digitally.

A person who wants to offer his/her expert services in a particular field, then there are numerous digital platforms available like Facebook, Instagram, Freelancer.com, etc., where he/she can create their digital footprint that’ll affect the employment undertaking in the future.

25 ways to build your Digital Footprint for universities & companies

If you looking for admissions or internships in the finest universities and companies around the world, then first you need to establish a positive digital footprint.

It’ll not only provide you with the required confidence for concluding your selection but also with a positive digital appearance.

Nowadays, if you are a student or a job-seeking person then you must own a well-organized digital footprint that should include various credentials about your past education, achievements, research, etc.

A methodical and efficient digital footprint will have a positive impact on the selection process. A digital footprint is an online identity of a person which includes his/her past performances, participation in any online event, etc.

Following are the 25 ways to build your Digital Footprint for universities & companies:

1. Organised your digital footprint in a quality and understandable manner.

2. Keep it updated regularly.

3. Mention only the required information and don’t fake any data to prevent future mishappening during the interview process.

4. Use a Comprehensible way while building your digital footprint for keeping the clarity.

5. Don’t amalgamate the information on your digital footprint.

6. Make sure that you are mentioning accurate and verifiable information, if not then improvise your data for neglecting the failure chances during the interview process.

7. Mention your achievements and procurement in a proper yearly arrangement.

8. Mention your educational and extra-curricular activities separately.

9. Mention your interest and hobbies in your digital footprint.

10. Use sensible and realistic usernames on your digital footprint for creating a satisfactory impact on the employer’s mind.

11. Mention your past working experience and issues you dealt with.

12. Exhibit your digital footprint in a proper professional manner and avoid any silly mistakes.

13. Create a positive digital identity for making your digital footprint highly acceptable.

14. Always mention your positive and never include bleak information as it can affect your selection process.

15. Make sure the home page of your digital footprint never includes any undesirable information.

16. Take the assistance of any application or website which creates a digital footprint if you are incognizant.

17. Make sure that you possess a decent image of your digital footprint to create a positive impact.

18. Avoid any grammatical or alphabetical mistakes in your digital footprint.

19. Maintain a proper format while building your digital footprint.

20. Mention the courses you enrolled in and other qualifications.

21. Mention the roles you were assigned within your previous internships and projects.

22. Clear the mind of the employer by providing him/her with the required information.

23. Conventionally present your achievements and accomplishments.

24. Build an eye-catchy digital footprint that will increase your selection chances.

25. Simplicity is the key.

An individual needs to keep his/her social media handles in a proper interpretation. The details including your past schooling, graduation, internships if any, etc., should be organized properly.

It should be the prior doing of every individual who is preparing for admissions in top universities or even for internships in big firms.

Without mentioning your past achievements and qualifications, you cannot hope for a positive selection result. The same is with a lack of updated information in your digital footprint which can cause devastating effects for your future endeavors.

So, it is advised to keep your digital footprint updated for increasing the chances of your selection. Before building your digital portfolio or footprint, you should keep in mind the indigenous factor.

Never use any fake data for stimulating your selection chances in any admission or job interview as the experienced interviewer or counselor will catch it straight away.

If you lack original documents of your previous qualification then it is another contrivance as the real thing is the university or firm demanding them for their selection process.

As covid-19 is at a jumbled state and nobody knows when it will end but for sure everything will become like it was earlier. So, keep in mind the accuracy of the data that you are mentioning in your digital footprint.

Be clear and direct while creating your digital footprint as the companies or top universities will not entertain any disparate digital footprint.

Top university selection-process and digital footprint

A university of any ranking in the education sector possesses a proper selection process but if we talk about the top universities then the talk becomes a real professional task. It determines the importance of a well-organized digital footprint.

Creating a powerful digital footprint that highlights your achievements and qualifications till now. A proper and well-arranged digital footprint will provide you with automated level up in your selection chances.

For creating a positive impact on the selection board, a well-assembled digital footprint is an essential requirement. Avoid grammatical mistakes and be careful while mentioning your personal details.

Diversify your digital footprint

Apart from the technical and qualification information, if you possess any other skills that you learned through certification courses then mention them in your digital footprint as well.

It’ll not only create a positive impact on the selection but will also designate you as an all-around individual who’ll be capable of understanding and evaluating the working norms in any situation.

Mention your published research work if any and other academic interests. This will certainly help you in gaining an edge over the other applicants that have applied for the same program from any top university or an internship in any top firm.

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